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The car insurance that obeys sharia rules

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Points of Essence:

  • Salaam Halal, being the first Islamic insurance (takaful) provider in UK, plans to roll out motor insurance coverage and home insurance policy to cater for the need of the Muslim population in UK before end of the year.
  • This makes it a second Takaful offering in UK apart from HSBC’s Amanah home insurance.
  • To ensure compliance with Islamic law, all the activities and products of Salaam Insurance are overseen by its Sharia Supervisory Committee.
  • The Salaam Halal insurance products will appeal to British Muslims as well as to the non-Muslim community who are interested in products of an ethical or co-operative nature, because of the nature of Halal insurance.

By Kara Gammell
Last Updated: 4:24pm BST 08/09/2008

More than 2m Muslims in Britain will now be able to arrange motor insurance without compromising their religious beliefs, according to Salaam Halal Insurance. Bradley Brandon-Cross, the chief executive of Salaam Insurance, says: “Conventional United Kingdom insurance options conflict with the core beliefs of the Muslim faith and, as a result, give Muslims living in the UK who wish to drive a car no choice but to go against their beliefs in order to follow the law, which requires motorists to have cover.

“The face of Britain is changing and it is the responsibility of British institutions to cater for such changes and welcome diversity.”

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Written by Suapi Shaffaii

September 9, 2008 at 12:20 pm