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CBB highlights training and development as key driver to success

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Points of Essence:

  • The Central Bank of Bahrain believes that a continuous and strategic investment in the training and development of its human talents will lead to a success of the institution. Islamic banking and finance is one of the priority areas. Ameinfo has the report.

The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) highlights training and development as a key driver to success.

Dr. Huda, Executive Director – Corporate Services, CBB, says:

‘Enhancing the capabilities and skills of the CBB staff is one of our core responsibilities.’

In order to achieve this; the CBB has adopted a rigorous strategy to recognize training requirements for the staff both collectively and individually in order to set out the necessary training programs which best meet those requirements.

The CBB has also allocated funding within its annual budget for staff training needs which include enrolling employees in world class universities, training courses, and seminars both in Bahrain and abroad.

In 2008, CBB staff partook in several training courses, onsite visits, leadership and managerial programs which covered numerous topics such as; Banking Payment Systems, Anti Money Laundering, terrorist financing, International Economy, Mutual Funds, Islamic Banking and Finance, Banking Policies, Financial Markets, Information Technology, Human Resources Development, and Insurance.

In addition, the CBB also participated in many conventional and Islamic banking and financial events organized by other Central Banks such as the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Monetary Authority of Singapore, and the Bank of France, which allowed senior officials to network and gain experience on the latest developments related to their expertise.

Most recently, Mrs. Sana Al Alawi, a Superintendent at the Insurance Directorate, attended a training course organized by Lloyds Insurance in the UK, entitled ‘Lloyds Insurance Supervisor Program,’ which enabled trainees to foster their skills and be acquainted with the latest best practices in the field of Insurance.

A financial services course held in Jersey earlier this year was attended by Mr. Mohammed Ayman Al Tajer, Director of Financial Institutions Supervision, and Ms. Rehab Hassan Kamal, Head – Investment Business and Financial intermediaries.

In efforts to raise the human resources capabilities within the Central Bank; Mrs. Hessa Bu Ali, Head of Licensing and Policy and Mr. Wahbi Al Alawi, Head of Wholesale -Banking Supervision attended a seminar on (Banking Supervision in Developing Countries), organized by the World Bank, where they were introduced to new banking supervision systems and developments in this field.

The CBB enrolls annually, selected members of its senior management to partake in a Gulf Executive Management program offered by Darden University – School of Business. This program was lately attended by Mr. Ahmed Buhiji, Director of Banking Services, in order to help promote and build existing skills and leadership.

The CBB also endeavors to provide potential staff members with the opportunity to obtain the highest levels of education from reputable institutes, such as DePaul University, where Mrs. Bushra Al Haddad, Head- Compliance Examination received her Master of Business Administration in a recent ceremony held for the graduates.

The Central Bank of Bahrain also provides key insight to senior officials from other Central Banks, such as the Central Bank of Syria, Seychelles, Lebanon, and Brunei’s Ministry of Finance, who seek the CBB’s experience in the field of Islamic Finance.

Dr. Huda says, ‘The CBB recognizes the importance of its people and has long been committed to developing the caliber of its staff.’

‘Our culture is one where people are encouraged to realise their full potential and the CBB spends considerable resources each year to improve the professional competencies of staff,’ added Dr. Huda.

The CBB’s commitment to human resource development extends beyond its own staff, as demonstrated by its unstinted support of the BIBF, a premier provider of training and learning services to the financial services industry,’ she noted.

She also emphasized the major role played by the ‘HRD’ Human Resources Development Fund in preparing highly skilled people through sponsoring specialized Banking and Finance professional certificates aimed at narrowing the gap facing the market.


Written by Suapi Shaffaii

November 23, 2008 at 8:57 pm

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